lnano provides a variety of services in the field of concrete flooring, including

Seamless concrete flooring: This method of concrete pouring is completely exclusive and can only be performed by Elnano’s experienced team. In this method, there is no formwork or cutting line for concrete pouring, and it can be applied in places with height restrictions, such as parking lots, with the minimum thickness. The most important features of this method include resistance to positive and negative moisture and protection against cracking of concrete up to 99%.

Seamless patterned concrete

 The execution of seamless patterned concrete is more suitable for places that are in the sight of people and are looking to make that environment look more beautiful. Such as: lobbies of hotels and office and commercial complexes, conference halls, hospitals and health centers, libraries, restaurants, etc.

Diamond concrete flooring 

Diamond concrete flooring is the latest technology in the construction industry, based on the science of penetrating nano silicates. By using these materials and their special method of application, new and even old concrete can be converted into a hard, impenetrable floor that has a beautiful and very shiny appearance. Some of the important points during execution include concrete grinding, which if the execution stages are rearranged, the result will not be what we want. After preparing the concrete and repairing damaged surfaces if necessary, we come to the stage of applying the primer. Now, to achieve the desired shine, we need to grind the floor again. Another point to note during execution is that the work surface must be completely clean and free of any dust, oil, or other contamination.

Comparison of the price of diamond concrete flooring with other flooring

Diamond concrete flooring is also more affordable than other flooring in terms of price, because it consumes less raw materials and is much faster to apply than other flooring. Additionally, its permanent lifespan is a major advantage of this flooring, as other flooring needs to be repaired or sometimes completely replaced.

Diamond flooring, a permanent concrete flooring

Unlike all other flooring on the market, diamond flooring becomes one with the concrete surface and maintains its 100% performance throughout the life of the concrete. This flooring never wears out because it does not create an additional film on the concrete surface and merges with the concrete. In this case, the lifespan of the flooring is equal to the lifespan of the concrete structure.

Increasing shine of diamond flooring

Flooring generally wears out over time due to friction caused by use, but diamond flooring becomes more shiny the more it is used. For example, if we apply diamond flooring to a parking lot, the more friction the tires of cars create with the surface of the flooring, the more it will not only not cause the flooring to wear out, but will also improve its shine and quality.